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Popping popcorn at home is truly a quick snack minutes away. It has this warm fuzzy feel weather you eat it on couch or anywhere else. It is like your favorite snack that could be sweet or salty or spicy as per your mood that day. Most days my family loves olive oil, salt and garlic (powder) popcorn. It so much fun to pop popcorns at home.

Homemade popcorn
Homemade popcorn

What kind of popcorn kernels to use?

There are a few different kinds of popcorn that you could buy at the store – you can make perfect popcorn with white or yellow kernels without issue. Just make sure they are not very old as it will impact how well they pop. I like to use baby whites kernels most days. They are easy on the stomach and and truly melt away when you pop them in you mouth. This recipe is pretty flexible so I think you can make it work with any type of popcorn.

What kind of pot to use?

I use a 5 quart saucepan or stock pot with a lid. Bigger the pot better it works.
Have your bowl next to the stove ready so when it is done you can immediately take the popcorn out of the stock pot and put it into the serving bowl.

How do you pack the left over popcorn?

The best way I have found to pack the leftover popcorn is to put it in an air tight container. It stays fresh longer and ready to serve. It could be packed in smaller containers for school lunches and outings.

You need:

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Half a cup popcorn kernels
Salt and Garlic powder as per taste
Putting it together:

Heat the oil medium high. And test one or two kernel to make sure that your oil is ready.
Once the pot kernels start popping that you put in for testing you could put the rest of the kernels into the part. And close the lid and put the temperature very low.
Onnce you start hearing popping all at once turn the temperature two medium high again. Keep the lead little bit open so that the steam is released but at the same time the kernels are not popping out.
Gently shake the pen back-and-forth over the stove to make sure that all the unpopped popcorn kernels go all the way to the bottom of the pan to be cooked.
once the popping sound slows down turn off the stove. And immediately take the popcorn out of the pot into the serving bowl. And garnish with salt and garlic as per the taste.
This recipe has and has eliminated a need to buy bagged popcorn. This recipe remove the plastic bags that can’t be recycled from the trash.

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