Thanks to smart whole ingredients, chewing can continue to help us think big! Sustainable gum- Refreshing chewing natural gum. Truly sustainable and zero waste. This is not only super healthy but super sustainable.

Sustainable Gum

Zero waste
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This natural gum option is timeless. From Europeans to Mayans to Asians chewing something in mouth dates back to ages. Records of chewing for refreshing the mouth have dated back for many centuries; ancient civilizations used it for both medicinal and entertainment purposes. Chewing either birch bark, chicle or spices, possibly for enjoyment as well as medicinal purposes has been of daily use. It became particularly important because its use for simple joy of it, for something that helped to focus, or just because.

Chewing spice is quite refreshing option for natural gum. It is nutty, aromatic, chewy, and has a different texture depending on what you mix and match. Lately our mantra here at Sustainability Gal has been- why not one more- because you can and it is a ridiculously healthy and eco friendly alternative option. Having a piece or two after lunch or while cranking out that last minute project is a wellness miracle, both nutritional and mentally. It aids in digestion and it provides an extra boost of antioxidants.

It is also a great way to add a nutritional boost to your daily food intake. The taste may be a bit raw, and it is something to get acquainted with. It is like re-engineering the gum with healthier ingredients- what an ingenious find (rather an acknowledgment to primitive innovation.) They still somehow taste really good and the possible flavors are endless as you can mix and match the flavor by popping in the different combinations . The best part is that this is no waste – you don’t have to throw it out when you are done chewing – you can eat the remainder and it is very healthy for you.

We reused the tin box and packed some of our favorites. Here are some suggestions for spices that you can use:

Cinnamon stick : Whole cinnamon comes in about 3 inch swirl sticks. It needs to be broken down to smaller pieces. You can either put in a blender for a half a second to break them into small pieces or use a cast iron to press on the stick and break them into about 1 centimeter pieces. If you want more than one flavor try pairing Cinnamon with Sesame seeds.

Cloves- Cloves are an excellent option for refreshing the mouth after a pungent meal. They tend to have a bit of an intense flavor. If you are someone who is sensitive to taste, I suggest you break one piece of clove into two. cloves pair well with fennel seeds.

Cardamom- These are one of my favorites. It has the shell that creates a great chew experience and the pods have the flavor and refreshing sensation. If you want more than one flavor try pairing cardamom with fennel seeds. For most of us here at The Sustainability Gal, plain cardamom is an all time favorite.

You may be asking, do I have to pair them with something? No, they are an excellent source of punch and flavor and texture in your mouth but if you feel like experimenting, you can’t go wrong mixing any two to make your own unique flavor.

Thanks to smart whole ingredients, chewing can continue to help us think big!

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