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The best practices and ways to optimize and maximize the resources – anything and everything has multiple uses. Using such practices is not only environmentally friendly but also budget friendly. Using simple techniques prior to making purchase reduces the consumption. We have a choice to maximize use of our belongings and consumptions.

What is Circular Economy?
Circular economy means using and repurpose the product while using environmentally friendly materials, recycled materials, optimized water, and keeping in check with social fairness. In short, it is ability to use the resources at its best potential again and again till it goes back to its original form. This is nothing new to us. Circular economy has been part of practices since the beginning of the humankind. It reminds me of a book called “Joseph had a overcoat” –
The coat when not in use Joseph turned it in to a vest
The vest when not in use Joseph turned it in to a handkerchief
The Handkerchief when not in use Joseph turned it in to a button.

How do I benefit from the circular economy?
It is like finding a perfect outfit that you can use while Strolling from beach to town to farmers’ market: This

Use your same shirt with something different each time. It may seem counterintuitive, but having outfit parings that are overaly so comfortable that you can pair
activities to reminisce about at the end can help stave off the Monday scaries. No need to go overboard, though (it’s still a weekend, after all): Turns out doing simple, soul-filling things—like swimming in the ocean, enjoying a languorous meal with loved ones, or roasting marshmallows in the backyard to the flicker of fireflies—is an effective way to slow down time.


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